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Basic English wine course - SDEN 2 - Wijnoorkonde

Introduction SDEN 2
Learn all the facets of wine in five evenings!

You will learn to recognize what you like and learn more about the meaning of what you see on the label. Wine legislation and wine-growing / wine-making are also covered. In short, a course for the novice professional or true enthusiast. including the (English) book “I know more about wine”.

Number of meetings and duration

5 Evenings, all meetings are from 19:30 to about 22:00/22:30 hours.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction, the taste of wine part 1, from the grape to wine.
  • Lesson 2: Dealing with wine, wine regions in France, the grape and its environment.
  • Lesson 3: Wine regions in Italy and Spain.
  • Lesson 4: Wine regions in Germany, Austria and Hungary, wine and legislation.
  • Lesson 5: Wine regions outside Europe, what wine to go with your meal?

For whom?
The SDEN 2 exam is suitable for wine lovers who want to broaden their knowledge. The SDEN 2 level is also intended for employees in retail or wholesale, for whom basic basic knowledge of wine is necessary for their work.

After the course you can take the national exam for the diploma Wine certificate SDEN 2 in English (this costs 85 euros and is not included, and it is normally in Dutch but also possible to do the exam in English). The SDEN 2 exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, including 4 technical questions: four wines will be poured in and asked about their origin or other specific characteristics.
To succeed, 30 questions or more must be answered correctly.

Teacher Ed Carper RV. (recommended wine teacher from the Wine Academy).